Based in Berlin we provide excellence in:

finding:  We unveil the needs of your audience to form the basis of joint strategies.

creation:  Forget about the past. Don’t think about the future. Ideas for your today.

achievements:  German engineering transforms your ideas into a pleasurable user experience.

SKC has success in many fields. As a creative lead we have won more than 10 international Awards




Our Fields of work:

Corporate:  We stage living brand experiences and make products accessible to your audiences.

Consulting:  We won’t tell you which best practice should be followed. Instead we aim for greater leeway.

Social Impact:  We support social innovation through developing programs for Charities and social productions.

Interactive:  We are creating a beta world for the living of tomorrow. Our work is geared toward improvement.

Fiction:  Our contributions add value, interpretation and simplicity – yet remain true to the original story.